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Found the hour counter in the service menu and it said 227! After only 15 days use that equates to over 15 hours per day which I'm sure is wrong. Is this actual hours or is there a formula to convert the units? There was no indication whatsoever that the unit was not brand spanking new.


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There's no conversion - 227 is 227 hours. I checked my panny after a week, once I found the service menu and my guess was 6 hours more than the actual hours. So mine must have been on zero when I received it. Where did you get yours from?


Powerhouse, £1599 and 12 months interest free. RS100 wall bracket that fits like a dream.

I've thought about the hours issue and with a 5 yr old turning it on at 7.00a.m., a 3yr old watching Playhouse Disney all day and me finally getting a look in after 8.00 p.m. then 15 hour days are not unreasonable.

Time for the DVE disk I think.


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Would like to know what a DVE disk is? Is it that important to use one? If so, where can I get one?

Thanks Dave


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DVE stands for Digital Video Essentials. It is a DVD that contains test and setup patterens to help adjust colour, brightness, contrast, sharpness, overscan, geomatry, ect.

It talks you through the basic set up of these things and shows you how to do it. I would say that 99% of people that have calibrated thier TV/plasma/lcd end up with a better picture after doing these adjustments then they had before :smashin:


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SteveG said:
DVE Disc - It's a recommended buy to get the best from your screen.
You can get it cheaper than this, or just join a dvd rental and get your first month free - hey presto free calibration! Then cancel subscription :)

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