hours meter 4 a wd4?


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Hi guys
Look I no I should no this as it cropped up years ago and I xpect if I new where 2 search 4 old Qs etc I wood find it but I am a bit dim in the computer depts world.
So pls any1 ow do I find out ow many hrs my Panny 37wd4 as bin on?Yes Yes I no its an old steem engin model compared 2 these new fangled do everything models but I dooooooooo love her.

Ta very much

where have you been all my life long days


hold the volume button on the panell in while pressing the button under the power button (the status button) 3 times very fast

then a menu box comes up high light the iic mode then press the sellect button (the square button on the remote) in the the top right hand corner it will say what signal is being displayed only on component i have tried this

to return press the the R button the high light id mode then power off on the remote or panell

another thing if you high light the sd mode then sellect it tells you how many times you have powerd on and off the panell and even better an hour meter i thing the hours are on the right PT and the on/off meter WT is on the left ,
i dont know what the rest of the stuff is


that old 4 series is a vintage best of the lot
:D :D :D like mine


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Hi jmack
Yes I knew you 2 had a wd4 and thought of u when I asked my q.So I did laugh when it wuz u that answered.

Many many thanks.


so how many hours have u got on your classic plasma?:D :D :D

went to bristol on sunday for the av show and saw nothing that makes me wish i never bought at the right time. none of what i saw would challange mine on a good source. still WOWS me every time i turn it on.:D :D :D


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Hi jmack again
Bin 2 'cluck cluck'chicken 2 try yet. Bit worried B I of doin me screen in!
I promise I will look soon and I did print off ur instructions.

"Classics" I must collect em as I own a Range Rover 'Classic'

Many thanks again
ps.I have a mate wiv a 42wd3 (silver)so I shall tell him his is vintage

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