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Hourglass effect - Toshiba Design Mode Adjustments?

Discussion in 'TVs' started by csr1978, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. csr1978


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    I just purchased a Toshiba 62HM94 DLP rear projection TV. However I have a small problem concerning the image on the screen. There is a slight "hourglass" effect, where vertical lines (mostly present when viewing a 4:3 image naturaly on the 16:9 screen) tend to bow outward toward the top and bottom of the screen. It's very noticible.

    From reading in forums and around the internet it seems that this problem can be corrected in the design mode portion of the service menu.

    The problem is that I can't seem to get into the design menu. I am aware that to get into the service menu you press mute twice then hold on the remote while pressing the menu button on the TV. Then a little "S" appears on the screen. After that, I read that to get into the design menu, you hold "Recall" on the remote and press menu on the TV. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. Am I doing it worng? Did Toshiba change the way you get into the design mode for the 62HM94 or the HM94 series? Also, once I am in the design mode can I actually correct the problem, and if so, which funtion does this (letter code-abbreviation please).

  2. LV426

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    I can't answer your question. But just in case nobody else says it...

    Before tinkering with anything in any hidden menu - WRITE EVERY SETTING down - it may be the only way you can return to factory values in case of a foul-up.

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