hotswap sata HDDs


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hi, i am thinking about making a small home server and have found a case with two hotswap sata bays in it, i like the idea, but could you pull out one of these hdds when the pc is on or would you have to shut it don first, i understand you will not be able to pull out the drive with the OS on (i will put this one in the internal bay) but if i havd a music drive and i wanted to take it out, could the server sitll be running?

the case: Atom hotswap case , itx hotswap cases can be bought at X-Case online


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My pc has 2 hot swappable bays in it.
If i want to take a drive out whilst pc is in use, i have to press the 'safely disconnect drive' icon in the bottom right toolbar (so that the drive heads park properly iirc).
However i rarely use this, and just turn the pc off to get a drive out (w7 is so quick booting up and down :D)
Hope that helps in some way

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