Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (Amazon) Movie Review & Comments


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We can say now that streaming destroyed movie industry....qualty wise.


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Promised my daughter's we would watch this tomorrow evening...I am NOT looking forward to it!


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Thanks for the Review, Cas.

Oh Dear. Well, you saved me a couple of hours of my life at least! :D


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My daughter loves this series, and I don't find it too bad to be honest (having watched them a few times with her). Will watch this one with her and see how it fares to the others.


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Actually enjoyed the first 3. Good family feel good flick. However, we are halfway through this one and I find the change in animation far far worse than the voice change of Dracula. Feels too cartoonish at times. Like it’s been dumbed down for Cartoon Network or the like.
Cartoonish is the wrong world. Maybe like stop go animation? Picture Wallace and grommet without the clay lol

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The changes between 2 and 3 were quite jarring even, they really went over the top on cartoonish animation there as well where 1 and 2 has reigned it in a bit, but for some reason even though the cast is mostly returning for this instalment some of the voices just don’t sound quite right anyway, coupled with the animation it certainly is jarring. There’s no real laughs to this one, I think they peaked with the second personally which carried on the story nicely and had a nice message underpinning it. This isn’t terrible though, just very average and awkward for those parents far too familiar with the series. The first two had some nice little subtle jokes scattered all throughout and they either ran out of ideas or go lazy as it’s silliness and slapstick in the humour too.

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