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I think Dave Bautista might be too big for his own good. I watched BR2049 again yesterday, and the guy can really act. I hope he's given the chance to, and break out of these thuggish roles.


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Well that was rather... pfft. A bit like a lit firework that eventually goes off with a whimper. Literally nothing happens in the movie until then end. There's a decent action scene involving Sophia Boutella, but it's too little too late. As for the characters, Jodie Foster is excellent and acts far better than the film deserves, but boy does she look old (hopefully they've aged her a bit). Dave Batista is good too but underutilised (again). Goldblum's role is criminally small (again). Charlie Day plays the token irritating 'entitled white man' (again). The film even looks pretty drab despite the attention to detail in the 'hotel' which is definitely a poor man's Continental. Story was a bit of a mess and there's little to no context for the set up; just that there's riots outside and its really really dangerous. I never felt it though. People often overreact to the perception of 'social justice' creeping into movies; but I started to feel it here. This is clearly some kind of 'look where we'll be in 10 years because of Trump' statement. It even references 'The Wall'. And surprise surprise, nasty white guys are scumbags at all times. It's ok, but wait for it on Netflix. 5/10.


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I found this to be quite disappointing.

It started great, then after a few minutes it pretty much flatlined for about an hour then had a mild rhythm towards the end with a short spike.

Not sure where the 90+ minutes of mindless violence came into play unless I fell asleep and the film was an hour longer than posted.


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There's a great film in here but, unfortunately, only a good one raises its head and that not often enough. But to be fair to writer-director Drew Pearce, it is his first such outing off the back of writing and producer credits on Ironman 3 and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and he acquits himself well enough to deserve a second chance at least. Even so, I won't be checking in to Hotel Artemis again.

barnaby jones

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Have to echo everyone else’s thoughts on this one. There’s some good ideas here and a decent cast but its never compelling and doesn’t really come together to amount to much. 5/10

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