"Hot" whites and the AE100



Can anyone point me in the right direction to adjust the white level on my AE100?
I have an HTPC driving the projector and cant seem to find anything that will apply a colour balance "globally" to all output.
I'd just like to reduce the white level 10% or so....I already have the AE100 in its lower light output mode but still it gets a bit fierce for me!

Your comments, as always, are highly valued!


PS Happy Xmas to youse all:)


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Don't recall a gamma setting on the ae100 but I suspect teh picture modes are some sort of custom curve remap ( I don't use them).

You should have a gamma adjustment on your overlay settings : also ensure you hven't clipped the whites by messing with the overlay settings contrast control in addition to the ae100 settings. (I run theatertek with the scoped settings for my hardware/OS config and this simplifies things enormously: no harsh whites : well harsher than video already is)

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