Hot Wheels Unleashed (Sep 2021)


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Couldn't spot any thread for this. Just going through game preorders and noticed this one. I'm suspect it will probably turn out bad but I have to admit the announcement trailer makes it look like just the type of thing I've been missing lately, do love a topdown(ish) battle racer.

Always a bonus to have a track editor that can be shared online too.

Anyone else think this looks a fun one?


Collect the world’s raddest cars, build insane tracks and compete in the most exciting races!

The coolest, the fastest, the most unique badass vans and jaw-dropping muscle cars are waiting for you. Take the wheel of tons of vehicles with their own personality and style, different traits and levels of rarity. The very best of the Hot Wheels™ universe is here!
Prove you’re the best and unlock premium cars and extraordinary items and with the Livery Editor make your ride a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of speed.

Get ready for pure fun and show off your driving skills!
Drift like a pro, charge your boost and blast through the loops to beat time, rivals and gravity itself! Are you up for a challenge? Boom, jackpot: race side by side a friend in the 2-player local split-screen mode or face up to 12 players online in a worldwide event.
The harder the challenge, the more glorious the triumph!

Massive, themed playgrounds are ready to host the most immersive races.
Have fun on and off the track with these beautifully detailed and interactive environments, where any object can play a role and be an actual part of your circuit!
You can even build a racetrack inside your very own room, a space to customize with furniture and the items you will collect during your journey.
And thanks to the incredibly powerful editor, building the craziest tracks has never been easier! Bend and stretch the iconic orange track piece to create your unique design and then add special boosters, loops, obstacles and exclusive interactive elements to build your own racing paradise.
Share your creations with the world or enjoy tracks made by other crazy players like you.


[EDIT 23/03/2021] Just been watching some gameplay footage on youtube, looks as dull as dishwater. Not even gonna bump this thread to post that thought, colour me disappointed
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Just seen this is going to be released in a few weeks, though it might be good but just seen the edit above so not sure :/


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Hmmm not for me, agree with comment above "dull as dishwater", lol.
I had thought it was going to deliver Micro Machines style game-play with weapons etc which may have swung it for me.

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