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Hot summer clean for Panny 100

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by LTJ, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. LTJ


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    Hello all. As I type my daughter (16) is wathing the music channels via the panny. I too earlier watched "The Beach" and blimey I really felt I was in Thailand, with this oppressive heat.
    Actually its so hot I've used two ice-packs and two chilled to 2C water bottles to keep the thing cool. It has worked a treat though.
    Any how I only mention that in passing.
    I don't know if like me, others have experienced that the picture quality of their PJ drops off after several months use.
    Possibly this is down to several factors.
    1) Lamp luminance dips very soon.
    2) Just the plain fact of getting "used to it" All though this is very subjective, it doesn't get around the fact that the image just "ain't as impressive"
    Have a look at this report a battle between LCD and DLP
    the results are interesting to say the least and may have some bearing on what I'm about to say


    3) My usual mantra of muck and grime on the pj optics


    Any how as I've now had the panny since March I thought the time had come to "open her up" and have look.
    As I was able to purchase the service manual several months ago I felt the time had now come to explore.
    Taking the Panny apart, is traumatic the first time, hairy the second time and plain nerve racking the third.

    Any way first of all the small screw/bolts are removed from the bottom first. Then you turn the panny over and gently prise the top cover off.
    Once that cover is off you'll see an obvious circuit board (drive board) that covers all the optic and lcd block.
    This is very simple to remove. Disconnect the LCD ribbon cable (There are small connection lugs that hold the cable in place, these have to be carefully withdrawn to allow the release of the ribbon cable). Once the three ribbon cables are free the is then the matter of 5-6 (can't recall ATM) various very small connector plugs. When these are disconnected its a matter of ..............

    Look I'll be all night going through this. Suffice to say once the circuit board is off even though it exposes the ligh engine it is still impossible to get to the lcd panels. More must be removed. The pseaker module has to come out and then the whole lens, lcd optics block and light engine can be removed. In fact you can then very easily remove the lens and take the cover of the light engine thus exposing the polarisers relay lenses Dichotic mirrors ect. To cut to the chase I was able to thoughruly clean the LCD panes (one side only) I also took a chance on cleaning the first two way mirror in the light path.

    I'll stop now. The main issues are this
    1) getting to the optics
    2) When there how can you clean without scratching the very fine surface coatings.

    So in fact after such a long arduous journey you could end up if not very careful creating more problems than solved.
    As for me?
    Well I gingerly cleaned the said lenses, using propriety lens cloth and cleaner, put the whole thing back together again crossed my fingers and switched on. Everything fine. The imge strikes up an blow me it does look a tad better- yes it is better as I flick through the sky menu.
    Closer viewing tonight when darkness started to fall, convinced me that this strategic clean of one side of the LCD panels, and several lenses had paid of. The greenish hue that had been starting to become apparent had gone . The reds really stood out. The picture overall seemed crisper and brighter and more importantly relative contrast had improved.

    Now I'm not suggesting for one minute that you try this but it has worked for me.
    Now that "charity sheild" should be a good test later today.

    Yes Kramer I know you think I'm barmy! and your'e right.

    NB: I have a very large mirror in my hallway. Even though it's never directly splashed or splattered with any substance. It still manages to collect a fine sticky layer of dust (dead skin being part of this sticky deposit no doubt) and needs cleaning every sveral weeks!.
    So now imagine inside the PJ the fans are sucking in air (3 in the Panny's case) The environment very hot, so hot in fact if you check around the lamp housing you'll find sticky tarry deposits of goo and muck.

    Reflect on that! goodnight.
  2. cyberheater

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    Apr 3, 2003
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    Your barmy mate. Err.... What was the name of the cleaning product you used... :p
  3. LTJ


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    Solution 30 Lens Cleaner
    AO Laboratories
    Forge Lane
    West Midland
    B62 8EF

    Sorry I can't give more details than that.
    I did have the website saved. Unfortunatley an experiment to connect my hard drive to defragment my garden went totally wrong! Thus losing vital info.

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