Hot off the press - Sky+ installed today.


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Well I've only gone and done it haven't I ! Yes that's right folks, my local independent has fitted Sky+ today - quality install - I have had most of the press and media round at the house for the ceremonial install and first recording, should be on the news tonight etc. First impressions - well I can well see how someone who has never experienced a Ram recorder such as the Panasonic would be like a kid in a sweet shop. Myself, I have had an E30 for about seventeen months now, so I already have a lot of the Sky+ features on that unit. However, Sky+ is a useful addition and so long as it is reliable then I will be pleased. I have already noticed that the top of the Sky+ box is quite warm to the touch which concerns me somewhat, although the rest of the box is cool. I have not noticed the fan come on at all, whether that's because it's very quite or it hasn't come on, I'm not sure. Can someone advise if the software is the latest - model 2.057 1.3 OBF EPG 1.26 V2. One last thing, signal strength and quality input 1 strength 80% quality fluctuates between 75 and 80% whilst input 2 shows strength 90% quality a constant 85%, why the difference? is this normal?

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The latest model number is 2.057A2 but that is only relevant I believe to the version 2 PACE SKY+ units, my version 1 SKY+ has a totally different number progression. It also seems that the latest upgrade might have been targetted at PACE V2's with the Picture Quality issue although there still looks like more upgrades to come on every model as there are features from the last standard digibox upgrade that SKY+ requires.

No worries with different signal levels.
There are two tuners using two LNB's (within a Quad unit) with two cables, no matter how mass production tries it can never make two things perform 100% identically:)

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