Hot LCD ?


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I have just bought a Samsung 26" from Pixmania.

I understood about the 2 pin plug and bought a 13 amp adapter ie 2 pin to 3 pin.

OK, but the tv seems to get quite hot (wife discribed it as b.... hot), with a lot of heat comming from the back (yes I know its supposed to:rolleyes: ) and from the screen.

Is this nomal "new LCD" behaviour or something I should be worried about ?

I bought this with the understanding that no type of transformer was required.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated



LCD's in shops get hot, but my Bravia 40" only gets warm (it has a fan, not sure if all TV's do) and one's in my local hi-fi shop only get warm.

Don't know if over voltaging it would make it get hotter, and whether thats what you're doing.


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Thanks for those 2.

I dont believe I am over volting the set, however if any body has bought a set this way (via a euro supplier) I would be interested in your opinion.

As an edit, the tv has no problems with circulation


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unless you see flames one day mate i think youll be fine :) .
you might also find where it is hot is the air vent where all the hot air is comming out from! because i know with mine i got little vents at the top and its not he plastic which is hot, just the air comming out...

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