Hot and Cold - best ways to avoid condensation


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As the nights and days are turning chillier for another year, anyone have any tips for looking after cameras/lense particularly DSLR's

Im thinking of camera (bagged) in car boot for a few hours and then taking indoors, or going outside and returning indoors.

Is there a guide to the difference in temperature / length of time in cold I needs to be aware of thats the trigger point for condensation/misting to take hold.

And should the worst happen, whats the best way to deal with it

Thanks in advance as always


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And as a tip; if you have bags of silica gel, once every 6-12 months (or more frequently if you only have one or two in your camera bag at a time) it's worth refreshing them. Simply place them in a warm (~160 degrees C) oven for 2 or 3 hours. The heat drives off the absorbed water and the silica gel behaves as new.
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good idea by weetsie, that at least soaks up moisture, however I know what you mean...
Remember old VHS video recorders? when you first brought it home it had to get "accustomed" to the room temp before inserting a tape or the tape would stick to the heads, only took a few mins and I suggest thats what you do with a DSLR, if extreme cold then into a hot room, just let the camera 'breathe' the new temp for a few mins





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