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Reviewed by Cas Harlow
Hostel: Part II is another tough watch from the sick mind of Eli Roth, pretentiously flaunting itself as a critique on society (and, in particular, prostitution) when it really is just an excuse to watch people endure serious pain. Oddly, it’s not quite as painful to endure as the first part (which may actually disappoint those gore-fans who liked Hostel) other than in the fact that, as a movie, it had nothing noteworthy going for it whatsoever. This is a torture-porn movie which does not even deserve to be in the genre, and without even that, or anything discernable to elevate it beyond the genre, it has very little else to offer, disappointing all-round as a horror, thriller or social commentary. The disc itself is decent if unexceptional, with ok video, superior audio and a mixed bag of extras, some of which are unintentionally hilarious (like Roth’s three deluded commentaries and radio interview), which makes this a must-have only if you are a die-hard fan of this movie. Anybody else should seriously consider whether there is anything else they would rather do with their time.
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Very disappointing review!

The blurb above whinges with the same tired, 'rent a quote because we're too lazy to come up with original criticism' arguments about "torture porn" and yet, as the review then points out, there is very little of this compared with the first film.

I can understand someone not liking this genre of movie, and it certainly lacks the originality of "Hostel", coming in as a rather weak sequel. But it's well done for all that, and a mark of 3 out of 10 is just ludicrous. Next time please get someone who understands the genre to review the film, not someone who sees it as a chance to get on a soapbox and repeat the tired political rants from "The Daily Mail".


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I have to say I think Hostel 2 was the worst film I have seen this year and is a steaming pile of s*&t!

Eli Roth is so over rated - both the Cabin and Hostel before this one were rubbish - I just cannot see any real talent there at all - just one big ego!


Standard Member
I liked the review of the "Hostel 2"-Blu-Ray very much.

There is only one thing I missed, and that is the information if there are
any English subtitles for the bonus material.

I don´t know why, but it seems that no reviewer worldwide seems to care
to provide this information - all I ever find is the information about subtitles
for the feature film but nothing about subtitltes for the extras.

Especially I am interested in the audio commentaries and although I can under-
stand English very good, it can be at times hard to listen to a very active
audio commentary, so it would be great help to read that is spoken.
I can´t imagine that I am the only person to whom this is important!

So it would be very nice if future reviews could provide information about
subtitles for the bonus material, especially the audio commentaries.

In this special case, "Hostel 2", the information is especially interesting,
because here in Germany not only the movie is censored (7 seconds are
missing) but also the audio commentary with director Roth and Quentin
Tarantino has been censored, too: the part, were both are complaining
about German censorship on "Hostel 2" and especially about the role the
German FSK (movie ratings board) was playing, is deleted from the audio
commentary track, there is only silence on that part in the track.

So, I hope that the reviewers here on this website understand that the
desired information can be very helpful and that they include that information
in their future work.

Kind greetings from Germany,

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