Horsey Afternoon


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Just a couple of snaps from my daughters riding lesson this afternoon. Had to be careful not to spook the horses as some of them don't like the shutter noise.....

SLT calling........





Looks a nice place. Your daughter is like mine, tell her to smile and pretend she enjoys it :) I know they do, but they are so focussed aren't they....

Technically, for me the blacks seems to be too black in all of them, and the whites looks like they have blown in 1, 2 and 4.

In 1 & 4 I'd try to shoot with a larger Aperture to make the uninteresting background less prominent. 3 could do with a bit of cropping.

2 Is my favourite of this set, I like how they all look at you...Shame about the pole though ;)


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Its Wellington Riding School near where I live ... Duke of Wellington's not short of a few bob....

Good observation...I think I did a little bit too much with the curves. It was an oddly lit arena and really difficult to get proper exposure and I only played with the jpegs in CS5 not the RAW. So a bit "clumsy" in fixing the shots.

I thought about missing out the first horse to avoid the pole but decided not to.

I might have a play tomorrow and restore some balance to the shots


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Bit more gentle in RAW...less cropping to see the full pics. All were shot at around f5.6 but I was about 50 foot away so getting a shallow DOF was tricky. Not too happy with looked better on my screen..ah well...keep practicing :)




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2 and 3 for me Gazza :)

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