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I need advice, and here seems to be one of the best places to ask for it, particulary from Uncle Eric, if he has the time.

The problem: I have recently bought a house with a smaller living room than I have been used to. It's about 5m by 3m. I have been putting together my system over the last 10 years with upgrades etc...

System at present:

Marantz 5200 receiver;
Monitor Audio PMC 503 fronts
Tannot 75c centre
Boston VRS micros for rears
M&K v125- THX Sub.
Tosh. 2220e - DVD Player
Sony 32" KV32FX


1/ I need another centre channel speaker (for the rear), should I use the 75c as a rear centre and get a monitor audio centre? Problem with this is the speaker is it's very large to be sitting behind my seating position. The sofa is pretty tight to the back wall.

2/ I was considering either changing the system to either match the MA's or build up a M&K system --- this is where Uncle Eric's advice would be appreciated, as he seems to have a vast knowledge of the M&K range. What would be good for the size of room, take advantage of the sub and not really above 2 thousand if possible.

3/AMP - If I was to get a M&K set up what sort of amp would be recommended?

I listen mainly to movies, but also apppreciate good stereo audio for CD's - through a marantz KI sig player.

Spare pieces of equiptmennt lying around the house include:

Sony TAVA 8ES amp
A set of Tannoy M1's
Marantz 63 SE AMP
Marantz 63 CD Player
Nad 412 Tuner
Panasonic A310 DVD Player - region 1 only
Sony tape deck - who uses them any more?

So what do all you guys generally do with all yer old equiptment? Sell it , donate it? Sorry if it seems like I'm listing loads of crap -- just would like to see what other people do. Also If I upgrade most of my speakers - more stuff will probably just sit in the corner.

Sorry to go on and on, but I'm getting fed up and would like the all in 1 look now I think, if I can still retain the sonic advantages of seperates.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Also what if I was to get the Gallo Nucleus Micro's power-buy, would these be better for my room size? They seem excellent value.

Cheers from a confused member who should know better by now!!

Ps. Does any one else ever get the blues from moving house only to find they probably need to rethink their whole system?

:confused: :confused: :confused:


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Yeah that's what I thought. How much where the 3 X M&K S85 if you dont mind me asking?

Also what are they like for music? and what amplifier are you using to drive them?

I've been looking on the M&K web site but cannot locate a useful site for their products here in the UK. Where is the best place to buy them in the UK - who hopefully will deliver to Northern Ireland.


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I paid full price at Sevenoaks (about £1250 for the 3, IIRC), but I did get good service from them (demo set at home for a week, including a sub before I got mine) and they gave me a good trade-in on my speakers.

I like them for music. They are very dynamic and accurate (and unforgiving of poor recordings :( ). I use an Arcam Alpha 10 to drive everything (with DAVE board and a 10P3).



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I just found the following information and US prices. How do they compare to over here. Aslo if anyone has any experience in in wall speakers could they also let me know. eg how thick does the wall have to be?

S-85 System

More compact and economical than any other home theater package that is capable of its high-performance multichannel reproduction, the S-85 system performs superbly with AC-3, Pro-Logic, and Stereo sources.

The adaptable S-85's size is ideal for both front and surround channels. The S-85C is a very practical size; the S-85C is vertically oriented and magnetically shielded, while the S-85TV is horizontally oriented and magnetically shielded.

And now, mix or match BOXED speakers with INWALL SPEAKERS: The S-85 speaker is available in a precisely matching INWALL version, the SW-85 ! This means you can have the front speakers in their boxed version, and the surround speakers in the matching inwall version; you can even have ALL the satellite speakers in the room be the inwall versions and keep exactly the same sound !
(See our full line of inwall speakers HERE)

Phase-Focused crossovers allow for more precise imaging, and a clearer sound when listening to dialog or musical solos.

The powerful foundation comes from the V-75 Powered Subwoofer (or step up to the V-125). For a lower-cost surround option, go with the LCR-55. All elements are timbre-matched for seamless 360º sound, especially for AC-3.

Suggested Retail Prices:

Front Speakers S-85 mirror image pair in Black Lacquer Bead $ 799 pair

AND surrounds: S-85 mirror image pair in WHITE Lacquer Bead $ 875 pair

S-85 TV mirror image MAG. SHIELDED Black Lacquer $ 850 pair
S-85 TV mirror image MAG. SHIELDED WHITE Lacquer $ 925 pair

Center: S-85 C MAGNETICALLY SHIELDED in Black Lacquer $ 450 ea.

SW-85 INWALL speaker $ 399 ea.

Subwoofers: V-75 MK II in Black Lacquer Bead Finish $ 699 ea.
V-75 MK II in GLOSS BLACK $ 799 ea.
OR CHOOSE : V-125 in Black Lacquer Bead Finish $ 950 ea.
also in : V-125 in GLOSS BLACK $ 1050 ea.


Originally posted by Bill
1/ I need another centre channel speaker (for the rear), should I use the 75c as a rear centre and get a monitor audio centre? Problem with this is the speaker is it's very large to be sitting behind my seating position. The sofa is pretty tight to the back wall.

You really need a decent distance between yourself and the SB speaker for it to produce the desired affect, I would say at least 1.5m/2m (minimum), any closer and I would say stick with 5.1. I am seated 2m away and wouldn't want to be any closer.

As for the amp, top of the range Denon. ;)

For speakers, can't go wrong with either the M&K's or Gallo Nucleus Micro's.

Most members donate all there old equipment to me. :D


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What if I was to fit an in wall centre speaker, the maximum distance would still only be less than .5m. I'm clutching at straws I know.


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Has anyone tried this and been successfull?

Is it hard to do, or would I need a professional?

Once again any advice would be appreciated.

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