Horror movies worth watching?


As subject any horror movies I may of missed in the last couple of years worth a watch? Looking for something to watch tonight from iTunes

Some of the garb released lately has been rubbish or I'm just that desensitised to it.

Seen most the classics so mostly modern horror

What's your thoughts


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I Saw the Devil is a terrific horror movie, even if you don't like subtitles this is so extremely good (and bloody) you won't notice the text.

Some nice chicks in it, a bonus.


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Nothing much shocks or scares anymore. Great shout by bosque for I Saw the Devil. A pretty mental film that doesn't let up. Excellent.
The I Spit on your Grave remake (uncut) was well done IMO. Again not scary but nasty in parts.
American Mary is supposed to be pretty good too. Hasn't long been released on DVD/blu either.
Possibly the most controversial of the last few years is A Serbian Film (uncut version). I love my horror films but refuse to watch this on the basis that it has gone too far. People knowledgable of the film will know the scene I mean. Supposed to be a well made horror though.
If you just fancy nastiness for nastiness sake with no real plot Grotesque if you can get it may be worth a watch.
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Some people may say it's not a horror film but Kill List is awesome.

Gooble Gobble

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Session 9, and May are some excellent ones.

True Romance

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Watched two horrors over the weekend

First off I watched "Savaged" and was pretty impressed. Started off as your typical revenge/slasher film but then went all supernatural. Think 'I spit on your grave' mixed up with "Halloween". Enjoyable low budget horror.

Next up was "Borderlands" a low budget British film. Its a Blair-witch type affair made up of video camera footage. Not to bad a film, it started well but the end left me a little disappointed. Worth watching.


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Rec and Rec2 are the most memorable horror films I've seen in recent years. Both very well made and downright scary.

They're Spanish, so subtitled, but don't let that put you off.

GaryB 1978

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I loved, Wrong Turn, sequals are dire but Wrong Turn is up there as a great modern horror, nothing new in the story line, but it was well put together. I also loved the remake of Dawn of the Dead, sprinting Zombies aside, it's a great watch

Mr Lime

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Another vote for The Conjuring and I Saw The Devil.

But be aware that the UK release of I Saw The Devil is censored. The US disc is uncensored but is region locked. Well worth seeking out if you are muti-zone on Blu.

Dr Force

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I thought the conjuring was a comedy!!

I quite liked Mama......a little underrated imo!

Jim Di Griz

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Bit underwhelmed by The Conjuring and just glad I didn't buy it, probably a 7/10 though.

Last proper horror film I watched was a classic - Rosemary's Baby.

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