Horror Fans!!! Regoice

Oh man, that looks pretty sweet.

Anybody order from Lasers Edge before? I assume that's in US dollars.
DVDSoon has this on pre-order for $82 CAN. With their free shipping, this is a great deal too. Course, customs is still a problem.

BTW, this should probably be in the Bargains forum.
Originally posted by Azrikam

BTW, this should probably be in the Bargains forum.

Glad it wasn’t I hardly go there.

It looks a nice set.:smashin:
i want one of these - nice spot :smashin:

£32.95 at todays rates (dvdsoon). Can someone say how much that would be if customs DID get hold of it?

(now we need a nice similar boxset for all the chris lee dracula films)


Something like 4% duty then VAT on top of that. It’s the collection fee by the mail you want to bother about which can be an additional 1 to 2 times what the customs charge.
blimey - thats going to make me think twice about this then

cheers Garrett
Ordered from Amazon.com last night.

Total cost $62.97.

About £33.00 inc postage

Let just hope customs dont spot it :cool:

Cant wait to see this set

And the Star Wars Box set and Lord Of The Ring ROTK Extended

Going to be quite expensive if I have to pay import on all these box sets :(
Originally posted by Deansimm
i want one of these - nice spot :smashin:

£32.95 at todays rates (dvdsoon). Can someone say how much that would be if customs DID get hold of it?

(now we need a nice similar boxset for all the chris lee dracula films)



£32.95 +4% duty = £34.27 *17.5% VAT = £40.27 + post office charge (£4) = £44.27

so a 25% uplift :(
I dont want to turn this into a C&E thread, but if i could just ask this................if i get someone living in the states to buy this for me, take out any receipts etc, and send it me marked as a 'gift', do they still have to state the value, and is it still possible for customs to slap their charge on it?.


I know this has been mentioned before, but if there was some way to pre-pay import duty, I'd do it. But as it stands, I'm not d*cking around with the post and paying a rediculous surcharge. Heck, I don't even know where the nearest post office is to my home.
Hey all,

Just thought I would introduce myself and chime in on this thread.

My name is Marc Daege, I manage The Laser's Edge and answer most of the email sent through the site. I can be reached directly at [email protected] for any questions or concerns. We are new to AV Forums and Total DVD, but are excited to be here. We have been the "Official Software Sponsor" of Home Theater Forum in the US for the past 3 years. We also sponsor www.dvddrive-in.com as well as www.adultdvdtalk.com We have also been in business since 1986 and shipping worldwide since 1989.

We realize the dilemas faced by UK customers with VAT and other assorted charges. Therefore we mark all Air Mail packages as "Magnetic Software" and declare them at $9.95 USD. This is standard operating procedure with us. For all countries! If you wish to have it sent by DHL, we can mark it at whatever price you like. You just need to tell us in the "Shipping Comments" section of the "Checkout" procedure. Also, we can leave out the invoice of all packages (DHL, GPM, AIR MAIL) upon request. Simply request this during the "Checkout" process in the "Shipping Comments" section.

If you are ordering single disc sets, we offer GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL for $5.00 per disc! These arrive in about 4-5 days and are an excellent bargain for those shoppers that only buy 1-2 discs at a time.

We ship most new releases by the Wed prior to US Street date. Some titles much earlier. You receive an email notification of shipment. We NEVER charge you for an item until it is in stock and ready to ship! We charge flat rate on Air Mail ($3.00 per disc) and Global Priority Mail ($5.00 per disc), this allows you to place larger orders and have them shipped as they arrive, rather than building an order to ship "all together" and having to wait until they are all released or all in stock before they ship. You will get them shipped as we get them. And you are only charged for the discs that ship along with applicable shipping charges.

DHL Shipping on this set is $26.00 and will arrive 2-3 days after it ships. If this method is chosen you will receive an email notification of shipment with tracking number.

Combined price with shipping to the UK of the Monster Legacy Collection

$90.89 (48.06 British Pounds) by DHL 2-3 day delivery
$81.94 (43.32 British Pounds) by Air Mail (14-21 day delivery)
DHL is cheaper than Global Priority Mail in shipments larger than 4 discs to the UK.

Thanks for your time!

Wow, thanks! Looks like I might have to check out Laser's Edge afterall. :smashin:
Blimey MarkD,

That sounds good.

I have canceled that order with Amazon and have ordered it from LASER'S EDGE

Thanks for the info
Can't wait now

Just after ordering the box set at Laser's Edge.

Marc E-Mailed Me To confirm the order and thank me

If this is how they deal with all there customers I think Lasers Edge will have most of my buisiness from now on

Thanks again Marc

Just ordered mine as well. I signed up, and did a search for "monster" to find the boxset. Holy cow, what a selection of classic and B-movie monster DVDs!!!

It's gonna be a lean summer. :D

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