horribly slow updates?


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Got my new 80Gb PS3 connected up today, first of all had to do System update 2.6, this took an age (couple of hours-ish)
put Little Big Planet in, and it also needs an update to 1.08,all of a mighty 67Mb needed....
so far its been updating for around 4 hours...

Connected via Wireless, get around 70% signal.
I was able to stream iplayer succesfully, XB360 on same connection has no problems at all,and downloads lots faster.

Out of interest (and frustration) I grabbed a homeplug from upstairs and hardwired the PS3 into that, with no great increase in speed (in fact none)...

is it just a slow day/night for gettin the updates, is it a local network problem?
( I did try tweaking the MTU size on the PS3 settings to match my ADSL router_)

only thing left to try is to actually move the ADSL box local to the PS3 and connect it into the same unit..



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To be perfectly honest the wireless on the PS3 for most part can be a bit on the slow side. Still get decent speed from psn sometimes but yeah the updates can take an age regardless. Many people have reported the same thing.
Going wired will help for consistancy in speeds substantially tho.
Ive had 20kb/s yesterday downloading 400mb, the day before downloading Wipeout Demo was near 50x faster. (wireless) No help But just leave it be.


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ok it seemed to speed up overnight..
certainly seems a lot flakier than Laptop/Xbox 360 wireless :)

quite a few rumblings on the web about best compatibility with WEP, but I didn't want to turn off WPA just for the PS3.
Also numbers of people swear by adding the PS3 to a DMZ, but this just seems overkill tbh...and not helped by the fact that the wireless AP it connects to isn't the ADSL router (thats another wireless gateway in the garage ....don't ask...its complex :) )


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