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So far, I have only watched the first of 8 DVDs in the complete collection (Amazon, £29.97) but I must say I am very impressed. Though it does not have the cinematography and sound experience of Master and Commander, I found it much more enjoyable, with far more character development. I would strongly recommend this. If you look on IMDB, you will see average ratings in the upper 7s, but comments that heap on praise for the series. One review commented that the picture was not very sharp. I can only think that this must have referred to an NTSC version as I was very impressed with the crispness of the image in my PAL version. The only turn off for some might be that it is 4:3 aspect ratio.

The Amazon price is for the complete 8 disk set. If you look at the prices on Ebay, you could probably get your money back after watching it if you wanted.
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