Horizontally extending chimney breast for media wall


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I have a slightly unorthodox plan for a media wall and I'm wondering if you I can have some opinions on the effectiveness of this solution please. I've put some questions at the end of this post.

I live in an apartment where I have a disused chimney breast which I would to have extended as a a media wall. I've attached a picture of the chimney breast. (in the picture, please ignore the box on the wall and the trunking, the trunking is legacy and the box is just me trying to figure out what size TV we need)

Traditionally one would build a media wall where you build a stud wall in the front of and around the chimney breast but because the room is not very deep that would be too intruding on the limited space we have.

So I am planning to extend the chimney breast on the side (sort of make it wider) by getting a stud wall structure built on the left. It would be about 0.5 meter wide with a cabinet door style opening at the end, with shelves inside to house all the devices. There will be a couple double wall sockets inside the structure in order to plug in all the devices. There will be a hole for all the cables to come out and go at the back of the TV. The TV, which will be put up on the wall will cover most of the width of the original and the newly built structure. There will also be a sound bar installed on the wall just below the TV. The The dept of the extension will be enough to house all the devices we have.

The devices that will live in the hidden shelves are:
  1. Virgin media box
  2. Virgin media internet router
  3. Alarm hub which also acts like a siren box (it's a 2nd gen Ring DIY alarm)

I haven't done this before so I have some questions which I would appreciate if others with experience can answer?
  1. Would we still be able to use the virgin media remote control?
  2. Would wifi signal be affected?
  3. Would the siren box sound level be massively reduced?
  4. Are there any other considerations/issues which I am not envisaging with a setup like this?

Many thanks.


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I can't envisage shelves? That recess only looks to be about 150mm deep - the VM box will need to be more than that, it needs to be mounted horizontally. If it's a V6 box, the remote will work as it's wireless. The V6 does generate quite a bit of heat as well. I have no idea about the siren box.


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As you only seem to require a few smallish componets hidden, why not fit a suitably sized cabinet (buy ready made or DIY) to the wall above the TV to house them? Will save you buiding a floor to ceiling false wall - just a suggestion.

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