horizontal streaks with sdi


I posted before but got no response..... now i have read on avs something so im going to ask again.

With sdi, i get horizontal lines, mostly green, once in a while, but not that often. Jeff said they were sdi timing errors but on avs this is being discussed and no one there weels to go with that idea...... they think it might be cable related.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Im using one of groundy's scorpion cables at the mo.....




its only very very intermitent and there are more than one or two on avs who have seen similar things..... in any case, that was the answer i wanted because otherwise id have to buy another cable! :D



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I design and install broadcast SDI infrastructure systems, and as such I am familiar with the common faults with SDI
The green flashing is indeed due to timing errors in the SDI signal (commonly refered to as jitter) and is an indication that the errors are quite significant. They most aften occur when there is a distruption to the video stream in playout e.g cutting between two sources that aren't synchrosied. If the errors aren't quite so bad you may notice "sparkleys" similar to those you get with poor satellite reception.
Most broadcast kit has reclockers in their SDI inputs which buffers the incoming data and outputs a stable stream. A signal has to be particularly bad for decent Broadcast equipment not to lock on.
It is worth bearing in mind that the SDI chipsets used in many plasmer or STB/DVD mods are often older generations (many that I have seen only use the older standard of 8 bits rather than 10) and as such do not have reclocking inputs.
It may be worth trying to borrow a reclocking SDI DA (Distribution amplifier) to see if that solves the problem at all. Otherwise it sounds like you have a faulty SDI ouput.

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