Horizontal lines, is this normal on an LCD?


Hue Jorgen

Hi Guys,

can any one confirm if they think i might have a fault or a dodgy LCD TV.

OK, ive purchased an Aria 32" LCD TV around 2 months ago.
In this time i have been thouroughly delighted with its performance and picture quality.
What the problem is, is that when i had wired in my new pioneer dvd recorder, after a couple days i was watching some football i had recorded.
I could see a faint but thick horizontal line across the the screen, about a third of the way up.
At first i thought it was the recording, but when switching to TV mode, it was still there.
I thought it might have been the way i had wired everything up, so i unpluged everything bar my cable box, but it was still there.
Choosing a sation with a black screen, i increased the brightness to maximun on the tv, i could clearly see the line, but now there were 4 bars, at regular intervals.
I moved the TV into a different room on its own, and had another look, yes they were all still there.
I am guessing it looks like were the backlights meet, creating dark bars about a quater of an inch thick.
Should i be able to see this, is it normal?
I am pretty fussy about getting all the settings right, so i cant really belive i have not noticed this issue before. So i dont know wether its gone like this, or has been there from the off.

Can anyone shed any light :rolleyes: on this?

Thanks Carl..

ps im pretty sure if it is faulty, Aria will give me the runaround trying to get it sorted.
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