Horizontal flickering lines when vid capping


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I'm setting up a new system which uses a Pinnacle PCTV Rave card. I'm using VirtualDub with the BTWinCap drivers.

Previewing is fine, typically jerky (although overlay preview no longer works for reasons I believe are explained on the BTWincap site!). Its when I capture that I see some horizontal lines that flicker around.

Anyone else experience this?

Initial research on DVDrhelp suggests it may be because I'm using SATA.... I really hope this isn't the cause!!



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Yes i have this on my SS51G (sis p4 chipset)

Like an odd line or two ripping across with no set pattern to it. Sometimes it there others its not. Usually fast action scenes..

Went from a bt878 card to a Philips SAA7 somethingsomething and its the same.

I put it down to the crap pc to be honest, but in your case I don't know. It doesnt happen on my other machines with tidy mobo chipsets.

Do you have an intel chipset?


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Yep! Intel i865!

Your description sounds like it is indeed the same thing.

I've been having a play and doing some more research. It definately doesn't flicker at 320x288. And this ties in with people on other forums who are suggesting its the PCI bus being flooded.

Oddly there is a good description at an Intel site here:


See "Artifacts When Capturing at High Data Rates"

So.. next for me is to fiddle with BIOS settings to do with the PCI bus. Any suggestions?! :)



I switched from RGB24 to YUY2 and the flickering lines have gone! I thought this wasn't working before, but perhaps I was trying one of the other formats that others tend to recommend.

In any case, it does seem to tie in with the PCI bandwidth theory as RGB24, I understand, generates shed loads of data. Might this be worth a go on your setup?

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