Horizontal Dark Scanning Lines



Hi All,

I have Infocus X1a projector. I have used about 200 Hours Lamp, on average settings not bright mode.

Earlier I never saw any horizontal scanning lines on the screen ...now a horizontal darker thick line patch (not exactly dark black, but like a shadow .... bit darker than the regular image) starts from the bottom of the screen and goes to top gradually in about 3-4 seconds. This process is continous, like one after another.

Giving like a shade effect, if the normal screen is bright yellow, then this lines on full horizontal length would run like a darker shade yellow ...

Does not matter what scene or anything ....

Does anyone have a similar probler or does anyone know the solution ... any help would be appreciated .....


Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
Could be some kind of mains borne interference. You could try turning appliances off in the house (including things like fridge freezers) just to see if it goes away. It might even be ground loop related with something that isn't earthed properly.

Sometimes trying a different socket on a different room might help isolate the problem, or the source may be introducing it for similar reasons.


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