Horizonal lines fill screen of my panasonic HC-VXF 1 camcorder..


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Hi All,

Sick and tired of this camcorder, purchased a year back. Always went for Panasonic camcorders even back in the 80's - always fell between a rock and a hard place in terms of reviews but preferred to Sony etc

Now, i purchased this piece of...4k rubbish..costing around £500 via Amazon. Despite research never liked it and rarely used it. However, when i did aka daughters xmas/b'day and just last week at my daughters concert event - the camcorder failed me - horizonal lines fill the screen. Sounds records ok. I turn on/off / i change settings / allsorts / after about 45minutes of messing about / leaving it to the side..turn it on and..the picture appears but..green...from past experiance i know im onto a winner..turn on/off..and sure enough picture is back. And works fine. Always a worry each time turn it off...but tends to behave itself for a few weeks and then..will resort back to horizonal lines. In other words its totally unreliable.

So, Amazon are not interested, the seller - some shop in Wales - who needs to improve his packing skills - and Panasonic themselves don't give a flying....

So, im left with a unreliable camcorder, less than a year old. Other camcorders even my S-VHC -C ones from early 90's actually works!

Any thoughts? I assume it's to do with the 'chip' inside it perhaps? If i can find out i will at least know .what settings not to use etc etc but saying that..tried it on alsorts, 4k, 1080p, MP4 etc....dont mind not using 4k - a total gimmick that anyway!

Thoughts on a postcard welcome chaps. Pictures below ( note these are 'snippets' they are actually just loads of coloured lines. Sound is recorded no problem there.

( when i can afford a new camcorder will never again plum for a Panny )


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When you say 'Amazon are not interested', do you mean you have requested a refund via their returns page and they haven't reponded? It is obviously a faulty unit and if it is less than a year old you are entitled to a refund, as it hasn't lasted a reasonable amount of time. If you take a photo to demonstrate the fault, try to include the LCD screen of the camcorder, so that it's clearly not a fault with an external display and if you describe the fault, check your facts, because (unless the attachments are sideways), the lines are vertical, not horizontal.


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Thanks for reply. I have emailed both Amazon, Panasonic again! Attaching new photos of the LCD screen, should anyone have an answer please let me know I suspect i will be fobbed off by panasonic and amazon.


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BTW, Emerton, as you can see..the lines are vertical , i thought / assumed horizonal but nope Vertical. Useless rubbish, even 4k has so/zero features its totally pointless and the charging via camcorder is naff and the lead way too short. Sound is poor considering, and lcd screen a mess. HATE THIS CAMCORDER - always did.


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I presume you have actually spoken to Amazon using their "Contact Us" page.
I have always found them very helpful even when working with third party suppliers.

As you see, I have done most of the recent HD cameras without any serious concerns.


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Ok well, success, i have now postage back the camera for a full refund. Photos did the talking it seems and definately fobbed off previously. SO - next question...what camcorder do i get???? aware this one, 4k etc etc yawn..never saw the results of that for a start and all features didnt work with it anyway! - but any thoughts...im thinking £400 mark aware mobiles have just as good quality and heck, the sound on iphone is way better than the panny i just got rid of.

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