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First of all, I do hope this is in the right section as I doesn't fit soundbars section, and is not a traditional AV receiver.

I have acquired a basic Panny All in one system, for a secondary small room. The main viewing tv has a proper AV receiver and frankly much easier to setup/understand and use.

This system( SA-BTT190), is confusing as hell. It's got arc output, connected to a compliant arc tv.
That bit works fine. SAT/DLNA sources connected to the tv, all pass sound to the AIO.

The confusion lies here though. Does this AIO decode 5.1/DTS signals from these external sources?
Does it only decode such formats via the DVD/Blu Ray discs? There is no indication what sound format is being processed when playing 5.1/DTS from TV/SAT/DLNA.

At least with my Onkyo receiver it will indicate what source is being received and decoded.

In the manual it states you can apply these effects:
BD/DVD (Multi-ch Source) = 3D cinema surround - 7.1 Virtual - 2 Ch stereo
TV/CD/iPod (2ch Source) = multi channel out - super surround - Dolby pro logic 2 movie/music.

From this , do I conclude that any 5.1/DTS from coming via arc (TV) would be treated as two channel and thus it will apply the simulated affects like pro logic 2 etc.

Anyway to test? Appreciate any help. Thx.


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I am pretty sure in saying that no TV broadcast to date is in DTS. They are two channel PCM (stereo) or two channel Dolby (stereo) or Dolby Digital 5.1 (surround).

From this review:- http://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/panasonic-sc-btt190

As you’d expect, the Panasonic SC-BTT190 will decode Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio, but for added immersion Panasonic’s 3D Cinema Surround attempts to expand the 5.1-channel soundstage using 25 virtual speakers that ping sound horizontally and vertically through something called “direction perception control technology”. It’s the sort of thing that home cinema purists have nightmares about, but for casual listeners looking for added aural excitement it could be very welcome indeed. A simpler 7.1ch Virtual Surround setting creates pseudo surround back channels.

Naturally there’s a cavalcade of other sound modes to fiddle with, including Digital Tube Sound, designed to add extra depth and body to music; a range of EQ settings; H.Bass; subwoofer level presets and Centre Focus. High Clarity Sound Plus shuts down the video circuitry in a bid to stop to interfering with the audio signals. There’s even a bunch of presets and enhancements for finding the perfect picture, including some specifically for 3D playback.

A lot of options maybe downloading the installation instructions and user manual might be of some help. https://shop.panasonic.com/support-only/SC-BTT190.html

Whoops I see you already have the manual. :facepalm:


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Quite a few TVs do not pass anything other than 2.0 from connected external sources over ARC. Especially those more than a few years old.

They'll do it via their Freeview HD/freesat HD internal tuner(s) {as DD 5.1 on the few programmes with it via BBC HD and C4 HD: Films, some Sports and rare TV programmes - e.g. Versailles} and even from any built in Apps/Media players/streamers; but not from hdmi sources.

BBC ONE HD in England transmits trailers in 5.1 during the half hour Regional news slot on weekdays (but currently there's some Sports event going on).


Hi, thanks for chiming in. I figured out my faux pas, the TV was set to pcm, when I changed to auto, suddenly the sound changed to a feeling of 5.1. I should of known this from the outset.

Then after playing around with some DD trailers from the internet, played through TV usb, the panny AIO would very briefly display Dolby D (it was pure luck I saw it, as it's rather brief and the display is dim).
So its seems the ARC was sending Dolby D, as I could hear the individual panning.
To confirm this it wasn't just pseudo 2.1, I switched off all all processing in the AIO.
Then connected a laptop to the TV via HDMI, and played a DD movie. I muted each channel one by one, thus the Panny AIO was sending the correct sounds to the correct corresponding speaker via ARC.

Indeed no TV broadcasts are in DTS, but wanted to know if DTS or DD would pass through arc and if the Panny AIO would see it.

For DD it seems to work. For DTS 5.1, have not tried yet. All my old rips on the NAS with DD, sound correct.
As above, it's also decoding Freeview HD with DD channels, especially the world cup streams.

Not a bad unit, not the best but punchy for a tenner for a small second room.
I think I will upgrade the LR & center speakers, though they are 3 ohm!

Thanks everyone :)

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