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hopefully a quick question re: Pannys new range


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Does any one know if they are still going to manufacture a 37'' plasma in their next 2010 range of sets.
As I need a TV for the bedroom and don't what to be stuck with only LCD as the choice in the next few months.




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Almost certainly, Yes.
Japan have already announced their X2 and C2 range of 720p LCDs and they only go up to 32" , so the assumption is there will be a 37X20 plasma.

Jazz Monkey Jr

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According to the site you waill have to get an IPS LED LCD for 37" which is the D2 model, they will also do a U2 LCD (20,00:1 contrast), X2 LCD (20,000:1 contrast) and C2 LCD (18,000:1 contrast)

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