Hope you can help me, what movie am I thinking of!


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I have searched for this movie for many years... And I only remember small parts of the ending.

Its an action hero villiain type of movie were the hero is trying to save his friend, love or family from the villain. Il split up the only three parts that I remember
  1. The villain has captuerd someone important to the hero and strapped them to a chair. Its an dark open up area and the so called villain has caputred the vicitimes mind in a glass ball. If I remember correctly he says something in the line of "Smells like chicken" After grabbing the ball.
  2. Next part is that the villain challanges the hero in a fight by entering a computer.
    While they both are inside the villain shows what he is capable of doing inside the computer, one of them is showing some light dressed women and he says something in the line of
    "This is my favorite site"
  3. The next part is that they are gonna fight in a video game and it looks like the game Quake but im not sure, could be Duke Nukem, Doom or Blood. Either way the hero wins and rescues the victim.
I watched this movie around 2005-2006+-
I hope this is enough information to give cause I cant remember anymore.
If you are good at finding movies and want a challange, I hope this is the one for you.

Just want to mention that I am sorry for my english and spelling and hope it has not botherd you,

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