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Hooking up Denon 3910 to Denon 3805 - Help

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by tanna11, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. tanna11


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    I have a Denon 3910 Universal player and a Denon 3805 receiver. I have 2 front speakers (bookshelf), one center channel, and a subwoofer (no surround speakers). I want to set up the component for AUDIO puposes (not interested in video help at this time). I have a couple questions:

    * Should I use the 2 channel output for front speakers, or should I use the outputs for multichannel output (plug the Front Right and Front Left in)? When I do the latter, no sound comes out. The sound only comes out when I hook up from the regular 2 channel output. Why does the multichannel setup not work? Is it because I don't have surround speakers hooked up?

    * Any other advice in terms of setting this up for optimum audio output?

  2. Astaroth

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    Jun 22, 2004
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    The optimum setup would be using a digital connection (either co-ax, optical or the denon link). This way the better decoders in the AVR3805 control the processing of the signals rather than the decoders in the 3910. The only reason for using the multichannel outputs from the 3910 would be for SACD playback (though denon are still attempting to get the issue resolved which stops this being passed via the denon link too)

    I have the 2805 but would assume that the issue you have is the same which is that when using the multichannel in on the AVR you have to press the ext in button - you should then get the full sound but as I say this is not the optimum method

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