Hook Up probs - lack of Scarts ?


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A work colleague lash out on an all in one Panasonic DVD / AV setup & called me round when wiring it up didnt go to plan ...
His DVD/AV unit has one SCART (also has Svideo & video)
His Sony Sky Digital STB has two SCARTS
His TV has one SCART & no audio or Svideo connections
His VCR has one SCART only (no audio or Svideo)
As the TV has only one SCART I presume the Sony STB has to connect there and the DVD/AV goes into the other SCART on the Sony STB
The VCR is connected to the Sony STB on coax cables
With the kit set up as above there is Audio from the TV but no picture with the DVD/AV system on & when you turn it off the picture returns (but without the AV audio obviously)
My suggestion to him was to get a SCART to THREE SCART adapter & connect the Sony STB & DVD & VCR to that & hopefully his problems will be resolved ... Am I right or am I missing something ?
TIA - Paul :confused:


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I'm not a Sky user (NTL) but will do my best to help here.

Can I check something? What happens when you play a DVD, can you see the picture? - the Sky box should be in standby.

If the answer is no, try swapping the scarts over at the back of your digibox and see what happens. It looks like the loopthrough isn't working correctly.

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Ideally you want the following.....

(Assuming that the TV SCART is RGB compatible)

VCR to STB Aux SCART (better signal than recording from coax/RF)

For this you'll need a SCART switch box rather than a splitter.
Argos and Index do these for about a tenner.

They allow for 3 inputs and also have audio tap outs to an amp and you can control the direction of the SCART on two of the inputs so you should even be able to record from DVD to the VCR as well as from the STB.
Plus the DVD and STB will both be in RGB.



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Thanks guys ...
DVD works fine - picture & sound - I think I tried swopping the Scarts over on the Sky STB - I also tried a Scart to 2 phono & 1 composite & that made no difference
I think I'll recommend he gets the Scart switch or convince him to buy my recently upgraded 28" Panny w/s TV :D
Thanks again ... Paul
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