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I like the look of this phone, has anybody on here bought one?

Honor View 20 review: Hole-in-one

I’ve got an iPhone 6s at the moment, but looking to change this year, I’m not a fan of the notch and this phone is getting good reviews. The battery life appeals.

I have used iPhones since the 3GS so I guess like most people switching from iOS to android probably seems worse than it is.

It’s currently £500.

If anyone has one or any comments it would be great to hear.

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I bought the 256gb (£579) version last week

So far it’s been very very good

On the whole the camera (main reason I bought it) has been brilliant. Better results than the iPhone 7plus (even with the iPhones optical zoom)

Some of the AI on the camera can produce weird results best to use it without night shots are superb

Camera app has crashed a few tones but nothing major

CPU is snappy and no lag

AndriodAuto works well on it in the car

Battery is phenomenal. Getting twice the Iphone 7 plus battery life easily

So far very happy I bought it

Image has been compressed by google photos but you can see be detail in the dust on the Lego model



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I bought one last week as well Replaced my Pixel 2XL. Obviously there are things I miss about the Pixel, but overall I am very impressed with the View 20. I find the screen a lot clearer, and I don't know what it is but I find my eyes feel less strained after prolonged use of this phone
Speaker is just OK, but that may be unfair after coming from a Pixel. Battery life is impressive, have had nearly two days between charges First phone I've had for a long time that if on 60% at bedtime I don't bother charging. Camera in most situations is very impressive.
So far no lag or stutters, it really is very smooth.
Love the aesthetics of the phone back its very nice, and full screen display is nice too.

Gesture navigation works well too, at least with the stock Launcher Using Nova it always briefly brings up the multitasking page when swiping up to go home.

Here a pic of my dog, taking at night with just a small lamp and the TV for lighting
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That pic looks a lot worse on my PC screen then it does on the phone!


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Thanks both for your comments, the battery life is something that appeals to me, I had the battery replaced in my ip6s in February last year for free, after the whole performance manegment issue came to light.

It was like having a new phone, forward wind to just a year later, I am having to charge my phone more frequently, despite my usage not changing. Now I have the shutdowns and the message saying my battery cannot support peak performance, despite my capacity being at 92%.

Just today phone was at 30% and I pressed the home button and the phone just turned itself off.

Spoke to apple support and all they tried to get me to do was do a restore, or send off/go to store. The agent seemed to suggest the battery wasn’t the issue, despite me pointing out that the error actually states that the battery cannot support peak performance.

I appreciate battery performance will degrade over time but just inside a year seems a bit rubbish, and I am not even a heavy user of my phone.

It’s a shame because I like the iPhone, but some of the new handsets coming out means that there is more choice, which can only be a good thing.

I am still undecided at the moment, mainly because I would have to rebuy some of the apps I have on iOS.

A guess this is why people tend to stay with one or other.

Incidentally I did do a restore, last night, didn’t stop it shutting down today.

A quick question, can I just take my sim from my iPhone and stick it in the Honor or will I need a new sim?


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Sim is the same, nano. And it is a dual sim phone if that's any use to you.


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Question about the Honor View 20 - is there no way to alphabetise the apps?

So got my most used apps on the first 2 pages but then when you page through the remaining apps on the next bunch of pages they appear to be in a random order with no way to order them.

The only solution I've found is to install Nova Launcher which sits on my home page and then when I click on the Apps it lists them in A-Z order.

The other option I guess is swiping down on the home page to search for an app.

Come from a Samsung so new to Honor.

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