honking great big subwoofers are awesome


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I just wanted to say what it says in the title. I have a too big and overpowered PC-4000 sub, the size of a wheelie bin in my lounge and it's just amazing. I watched Ready Player one recently and when the catalyst bomb goes off, the whole house shook. I have an amazon echo on top of the sub and I was worried that it would wobble off.

Even in shows that aren't at all action related, the sub adds significant depth[1]. if Im working on the office (just round the corner from the lounge) and my wife starts watching Gilmore girls, I notice the bass.

so yeah, if you were thinking of buying an overpowered sub I highly recommend it :)

[1] this may be related me me giving the sub a little 3dB boost


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Love the thread title :D .


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+1 on the title 👍 I think I have too much bass - said nobody ever!

Here's a video of Lauri Fernando's mobile sound rig "Carreta Treme Treme". I bet there was somebody at the front suggesting he should go dual :rotfl:

So that's what a stack of 208 15-inch subs will do. Here's a link to the full specs for the rig. It's a Brazilian site so if you don't understand Portuguese then Google Translate is you friend:
Technical Specs for Carreta Treme Treme


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Here are the specs for your convenience., taken from.the site above.


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I guess in Home Cinema a pair of these badboys would define the phrase "Go big or go home" :thumbsup:



Who says you can't get TR from sealed subs!

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