Honestly need advice. Is it worth it now to buy a drone in the UK?


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So I have wanted to get into flying drones for a long time but only recently decided to go for it. So I researched and the more I did the more I realised that those beautiful YouTube videos were gonna be nigh on impossible what with the current and upcoming rules. The "no flying anywhere recreational" rule has really hit me as it eliminates 90% of where I could fly. I have beaches, woodland, parks etc near me but all are now off limits.

I would love to get an Air 2S but really am I too late to the game? Are the Draconian measures coming in ruining the hobby? Drones already have such a ( wrongly) negative public image that I am struggling to justify spending £1000 plus on this, especially as it will be a legacy drone come 2023 although I would love to fly still.

Would you get into the hobby now or is it becoming just too restricted?

Honest opinions guys.
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I would , had the Mavic mini now got the air 2 , I have never had a negative experience and as long as you’re not stupid then neither should you , have you had a look at the mini 2 , far more legal freedom if you insist on sticking to the letter of the law , if you use Facebook groups then have a look for the dji life , very friendly group I help run that may help your decision 👍


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If anything, the rules have got less restrictive, but you may need to do more training and get your A2 CofC to allow you to exploit them.

The old rules prevented you flying over a congested area, but many people ignored them and flew where they shouldn't. I was in Padstow a few weeks ago and someone was flying over the harbour and using the busy harbour car park as their take off point. Quite dangerous and totally illegal given the hundreds of people who were around at the time. If he'd gone down to the beach early in the morning, he could have legitimately filmed, as there would have been very few people around.

Interesting places to fly are normally the hardest to do safely and legally. The adverts showing someone pulling their drone out of their backpack to capture that perfect beach sunset are just not realistic. You need to plan flights, consider other people and carry out a dynamic risk assessment.

Probably worth considering how often you intend to fly and what your interests are. It's a substantial investment in the kit and some training is not a bad idea. It sounds like you are sensibly researching the rules, so you are probably a good candidate to become a responsible, legal drone pilot!!


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I bought the Mavic mini (1) and love it . Very stable and the video quality is great. The mini is very lightweight and from what I've read I will still be able to fly in parks and at the beaches if I want to when the new rules come into force. All my other 9 drones will be legacy drones and flights will be restricted. Many of my other's can video in 4k but I'm not interested as I think my i7 Pc wont be able to edit the footage ( I haven't tried though) , so I'm sticking with my mini in 1080 and I'm very happy with that.

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