Honest Thief (Amazon) Movie Review & Comments


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Standard ish Neeson affair. Maybe edging a 6/10.

YMMV but worth a watch if you’re into his movies.

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Liam Neeson has become his own franchise over the last 10 or so years.
I look on all his films these days as sequels to Taken so the steady diminishing of returns has become acceptable to me from that perspective. He plays all the characters pretty much the same way so it's quite easy to twist it in my mind that they are, in fact, all the same dude.

It also makes sense to me to look at the 1976 Jeff Bridges King Kong flick as the prelude to The Big Lebowski. After all those shenanigans with the big chimp, who wouldn't become The Dude? 🤔

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He did a good job in Star Wars, Schindler's List, Rob Roy, Michael Collins and Taken, with the last one marking the peak of his career. Whatever came out next was entertaining at times, but did not differ significantly from Taken.


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I watched it last night on my Pioneer LX5090, but without surround sound. After all the negative comments on here, I couldn't fault it much, perhaps because of the plausible love interest. After seeing all that corrupt policemen in the UK, the US and elsewhere can do, I didn't find the kernel of the plot too far a stretch at all. Yes, his running was a bit laboured, but ah well. 7/10 for me.

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I guess they are negative if you look at this film in the context of career stagnation. Taken was so memorable that everything after, was overshadowed by it and to many his journey seems like a downhill path from there. Also, almost all of Neesen's films last decade were action movies. In the past his portfolio used to be very diverse. Not any more.


My wife and I watched this last night. Absolutely brilliant.

The 80s gave us Die Hard
The 90s, Terminator 2
The 00s, Hot Fuzz
The 10s, Mad Max: Fury Road

The 20s have got a new action behemoth in town. And it's called Honest Thief.

Move over, Tom Cruise with your impossible mission shenanigans. fudge off Jason Bourne with your handheld tomfoolery. There's only one bad boy here, he's in his 60s and he's called THE NEESON.

Watch in amazement as he falls out of a window with another man. Stare intently as he drives a vehicle quite fast. Titter inside as he blows up someone's house, and his girlfriend looks at him lovingly, super impressed by how cool he is at knowing how to blow sh*t up.

Citizen Kane can fudge right off. I've got a new favourite film.


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I thought this was decent, better than anything Netflix has put out in the last 2-3 months. Solid thriller, usual predictable stuff. 6/10 is a fair score.

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