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Does anyone know how to roll back to a previous version disc? I am selling car and was thinking of selling the newest one i bought on , but letting the dealer have the one they originally supplied me?



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Never tried this as I don't have my Honda yet, but was researching the Honda Satnav system to see if I want it instead of my TomTom. This was a post from a guy who works for Honda:

The official Honda method for forcing sat-nav to reset to older disc is as follows:
1. Start the engine.
2. error message appears on screen with old disc inserted.
3. Push 'MENU' and 'ZOOM DOWN' switches simultaneously for 2 seconds.
4. Screen turns to SYSTEM LINK page with a fanfare.
5. Press 'NEXT' switch (opens car staus page).
6. Press 'NEXT' switch (opens yaw rate page).
7. Press 'NEXT' switch (opens diagnosis menu page).
8. Select 'UNIT CHECK'.
9. Select 'FORCE DOWN LOAD'.
System will now start to download the old operating system firmware from the old disc, showing progress on a green bar gauge.
When finished the unit should be able to be started normally.​


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Hi chaps

Apologies for the hijack...

I am currently looking at the Accord with SatNav built in and wondered if you two chaps in the know could answer a few questions:-

Is the SatNav developed by Honda, or is this 'bought in' - a colleague of mine believes it is the Via Michelin system - is this correct, and if so, how easy to use / reliable is this ?

How do you get updates to the maps ? I would be having the car for the next 3 years (company car) - are these provided automatically, do you have to register with the supplier, what is the cost ?

Can you download or apply Points of Interest ? How else will I find Maccy D's ?


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