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Apologies if this is a repeat thread.

I have just purchased a 2004 Honda CR-V. It has a double din sized stereo/sat nav as standard. However, some kind sole earlier in its life, has fitted some sort of blue tooth kit by cutting and splicing into the original wiring harness. None of the functions on the stereo work, except the radio pre tune buttons, the volume and sometimes, the speakers. Upon investigation it would seem that the kind sole unfortunately decided to remove the something that they had hard wired into the harness which, I assume, made the blue tooth thing work with the stereo.

Ordinarily I probably wouldn't care that much, but I cant adjust the clock, so its reading some 2 hours 13 mins fast, the speakers in the front keep cutting out, swapping over or all working at once, meaning I am constantly having to change the volume, the cd player wont work and the sat nav wont recognise the disk. Good news is, since removing the stereo, gasping in horror and reinstalling it, the beeper for the headlights works again!

I have come to the conclusion that I want the stereo out completely and will change it for a single din stereo with blue tooth.

I am confident in changing stereo's - but not when something has been added then taken away with some connections spliced into the main loom.

Has anyone got a copy of the wiring loom for the model with the sat nav, so that I can spend the afternoon figuring out what shouldn't be there? I know the very bright red wires that populate half the wiring loom shouldn't be there, because a) no other wire in the hole is bright red, and b) they disappear under the dash and connect to the contraption screwed to the dashboard. But, as I say, I think at least two of the original plugs have been cut off the original wiring loom.

If I am fitting an after market single din stereo without a sat nav, I assume I don't need all the plugs, logically I would then just plug in the ones that fit in the new stereo, if they were all there, that is?

Thanks in advance

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