Homeplugs - Any good ?


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I have been asked to setup a network for a friend. The wireless router is downstairs and she has a pc up in the converted loft. Wireless is proving really unstable with constant drop-outs.

I could try the new Netgear 'RangeMax' wireless networking technology, but that would mean buying router and wireless card which is a bit expensive just to try it out.

I was thinking of trying Homeplugs - are they any good and are there any limitations to watch out for ?

The loft pc will only be used for general browsing, not movie streaming etc.


Thanks for your advice.
Homeplugs are GREAT.

I use them to feed the network to my PC, 360 and PS3 and they work fantastic. In fact, I got an extra 1meg of speed after going to these from wireless...used to get about 5.9meg average before, now it's nearly 7meg.

I use them because my phone point is in my kitchen, so that's where my wireless modem/router is. Wireless always worked fine with the PC, 360 and Wii. I then got a PS3 and wireless was flakey so I went to a homeplug. It was so good I went vis this route for the PC and 360 too. Wii is fine over wireless so just enable wireless when needed.

Got mine from here: http://www.homeplugs.co.uk/default.html

Make sure you dont mix 85mbps with 200mbps models, they aren't compatible.


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Is 200mbps fast enough to stream video/audio (eg from PC to XBox 360) reliably? (Mostly Standard Definition at the moment) ?

Special K

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Is 200mbps fast enough to stream video/audio (eg from PC to XBox 360) reliably? (Mostly Standard Definition at the moment) ?

Absolutely. I've got the Devolo 200mbps "AV" plugs, and they're great. I play lots of films off a NAS drive over them, and performance is perfect. Setup is so easy too ...For once, they really are "plug and play"!


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Thank you for the replies. Looks like these are the way to go for my friends network problem.

Just have to get her to unplug the glade plugin air freshener now - You can have a network or a nice smell Ive told her - there's no pleasing some ppl ! :D


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Thanks to leamspaceman for the link. Just purchased a set. Fantastic :thumbsup: no hassle at all setting up and now faster download speeds too.


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Just a quick question on these - do they have to be plugged into the wall or do they work ok in a 4 gang extension lead???


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they work ok plugged into a 4 gang lead if the lead is not filtered in anyway...whats important though is that you dont plug anything into the 4 gang thats electrically noisy - halogen lamps, switched power supplies (mobile chargers etc) - these will interefere and reduce throughput a lot

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