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May 21, 2009
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Hi I live in France and I am trying to get iplayer through a VPN network. I have finally sorted out my connection and I can get the iplayer menu screens. The problem arises when I press OK on the Humax to get the chosen programme when I get the message:
"This content does not seem to be working. Please try again later".
This happens with all the programmes and I can't get any further than this. The iplayer is ok on the PC.
What speed are the HomePlugs rated at? What speed are you getting?

Have you tried a cable so as to eliminate the HomePlugs as a source of the problem?
My GUESS is that your VPN is dealing with the HTTP over TCP/IP connection for the web page content but is falling down at routing whatever network protocol is being used to move the video.

It's also possible that the VPN link to you isn't fast enough move video data.
e.g. If you were VPNing into my domestic ADSL line then I have about 5Mbps down which is plenty to use iPlayer here but my best 0.3Mbps upstream won't be enough to send the video on somewhere else.
If you were PC based then I would try the stand alone download iPlayer but on the Humax you can't do that I imagine?
For the Humax, Apple TV, PS3 and other devices that can't setup their own VPN, this service provides the solution http://www.overplay.net/r.php?i=4284617622. It uses a DNS redirect to assist with the initial connection phase and then drops out the loop giving direct streaming with no overheads. So in France where ADSL isn't the fastest in the world you can get HD streams without stuttering.

I guess that most Smart TV's will be in the same position.

Also this provides access to Netflix and other services from ANY country you select.

This might solve the VPN issue for you, one month's cost is 4.99 USD.

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