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Hi, I currently have a pair of solwise homeplugs, one at the router and one for my PC. I'm going to be buying an Xbox 360 soon, but don't fancy buying the wireless adapter (or the Slim)
So my question is, could it be done? Here is a diagram:

And is any ethernet switch good enough? My internet isn't great, so won't be exceeding even the 10Mbps, nevermind the 100
Thanks for any help.

Sorry about the size of the image, after I'd uploaded it I couldnt figure out how to resize it without reuploading.


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yes fine as a pair of powerline ethernet adapters essentially replace a cable..simple as that really

any ethernet switch will do - a tenner on ebay for 10/100 ...brand new gigabit are £35 ish ...remember anything connecting to the switch talks at whatever it connects at ...your internet only comes into it when stuff goes online or you download things

so essentially you can have a gigabit internal network and a 1Mbps internet pipe and when copying stuff around internally it will be very quick :smashin:


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Ok cool, I've been looking at doing this for a while, but I was never fully sure what an ethernet switch did, but it seems it does what I want :)
Found some ethernet switches for about £10 on amazon, so will go for one of them
Thanks for the help :)

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