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Homeplug topology


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Hello, I have three homeplug adapters on my home network, one connected to a media server, one connected to a PS3 and a third connected to my router.

What im wondering is the route taken here, are homeplugs intelligent or dumb?

I know when connecting to the internet both the server and the PS3 take the following route: their homeplug > the routers homeplug > the router > and gone

However what happens when the PS3 streams a video from the server? will it go: Server > server plug > router plug > router > back to router plug > ps3 plug > ps3?

Or are the homeplug adapters capable of intelligent routing? I know they operate using a bus network, but will the data from the server get off when it reaches the ps3 plug or carry on to the router plug? (The PS3 plug is located between the other two on the electrical circuit)

Surely a Homeplug adapter from 2010 can manage its bus network as well as a 20 year old bus network card could?

Any help would be appreciated pls, thank you


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It's goes Server > server plug > ps3 plug > ps3. Sort of.

The HP's (it says here) all work in "common bus" mode on their power supply interfaces. Basically, (rather like wifi,) when one of them transmits, it simply "broadcasts" onto the mains supply and all the other (at that time listening) homeplugs will thence receive the data and forward it on out of their ethernet interfaces.

Whether the HP's "learn" the MAC addresses of what's connected to their ethernet interfaces, in order to make filtering decisions like a ethernet switch does (do I/don't I need to forward this frame?) or whether they just simply forward everything, I don't know.
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Ive found this out now, Homeplug 1.0 acts like a hub, thus going via the router. Homeplug AV (and AV2) operate with layer 2 framing. This would let them go point to point (Obviously still using the same bus).

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