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Hi All

I'm looking to get some advice on my Network to try and find a solution that is as future proof and efficient as possible .

I recently upgraded to Infinity 2, I live in a fairly new build (6 years ago) and the Master Socket is positioned in the hall way. Below the master socket is a two way plug, both of these sockets have been taken due to the HH and the Openreach Modem. I have added a 4 way adapter to one of the two sockets so that I can keep my landline running. However I am running low on availabe sockets and confined to the space I have both above and below the socket due to infinity master and 4 way adapter. I currently have an Xbox, Sky box and Bluray player that all can be networked, I have the Xbox and sky configured to a wireless set up. I'm planning on getting a media streamer and possibly a NAS in the near future. I do not want to keep adding more wireless dongles and finding extra plug sockets for them and do not want to run cables all over the flat.

I'm quite lucky in so far as on my wireless I do not have any dead spots I set up a wireless router as an AP for the sky which worked pretty well for a couple of months but has now died. I was thinking about home plugs but also worried that I do not want to plug even more in to the already over loaded sockets by my master plag.

So.... Would this work....
I buy a home plug 500mb set and plug the Openreach modem to the home plug. I then move the HomeHub (AP) to the lounge and use the switch on here to run the Xbox, Bluray and in future the streamer and possibly the NAS. It would also still serve up my wireless access needed for Iphone and Work laptop ect...
What would be the down side to this?

Alternativley I by the Netgear WN2000rpt which allow multiple devices set up via wireless..



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