HomeKit as a security system

Marko Zorec

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I am looking for simple house Security system, like some motion sensors near doors and windows, one camera, one fire and flood detector, and maybe one siren.

I was looking for Samsung SmartThings, but the problem is, I find Apple enviroment better..

Are there possibilities to use HomeKit as a security system?

I need to buy Apple TV for a hub, and then accesories?

I found some smoke/flood detectors and sirens from Fibaro, Netatmo and other manufactures...

I am new to this topic so thanx for comments...

Yhank you...


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They are probably questions best presented to the Automated Home forums. Whilst I'm sure the answer is yes, what components would constitute such a system to work together in harmony is another matter, especially within the cost spectrum you're focusing on at the moment.


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This kind of setup is just starting to appear. I've been moving over to an Apple system over the last few years and will migrate the security side of things over the coming year. Cameras becoming available now. Sensors also been available for a while. I use Apple TV 4 for the hub.


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So, yes you can, although its not very comprehensive at the moment. However, having been watching this space for a few years i can say that it is moving quickly, especially now that Apple have removed the requirement for devices to have Apple chip sets in them and work with software instead.


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Can't answer that question.

I use an Apple TV because we use the Apple TV features as well. I've got the HomePod and the Apple TV 5 in my mind for future integration as well. That may mean that the AppleTv 4 gets dropped/upgraded, or used in conjunction with the HomePod.

I would say whichever method you use, choose one that fits in with your usage, i.e. don't use an Apple TV if its just for the HomeKit, if you have an iPad in the house that you could use instead.

The reason I've gone with Apple (and will be going forward) is its less likely that any of the kit used will suddenly become useless. This makes decisions easier. You know that if you choose a piece of kit to fulfill a purpose and later decide that its wrong, or can be improved upon, that kit will still be useful to you, or someone else.


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Marko, how much are you invested in the Apple ecosystem? I'm also unsure about an ATV4 as a new purchase right now; having said that, they're great boxes with plenty of apps, if you're going to use it for its primary purpose and as Synchro says, not just for HomeKit. Users are reaching out to Apple for a 4K/WCG/HDR capable box, even Atmos, but as far as I know there's nothing on the horizon just yet.

There are no reasons why you couldn't also invest in a HomePod later as well. Both support AirPlay 2 and can become part of a multi-room audio setup as well, so even more benefits if you haven't invested in this yet and is an area you've been considering.

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