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Homechoice with Plasma



I am very new to this so bear with me!!!

I have a Sky SPDP4202 (which is actually an Hitachi). It is brand new and I am actually using it with Homechoice.

On terrestrial the picture lives up to all the reviews I read. However on Homechoice it is really poor. I beleive you call these "artefacts". The main thing is the picture seems quite fuzzy and it is almost as if the screen cant keep up when images move. Images sort of blend to. For example, When you watch horse racing and the horses are just walking (not racing) the crowd just behind the horse are blurred. (on terrestrial this is fine). Even someone moving their head or coming near to the camera seems to effect the picture badly.

Does anyone have any tips or is this just because Homechoice is not that good quality?

I would appreciate any help.



Would have this been fixed after the upgrade to MPEG4??

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