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Question Home Wi-fi signal extender...


Active Member
Hey everyone!!! :hiya:

I'm looking to get an extender for my home wi-fi signal. I was after peoples thoughts on them (mainly the ones that can plug into the electric mains) and the best ones to be looking at?

I've seen a few that range between £15 and £30. I this a good range or will I need to go higher?

We want to put the extender in the conservatory so we can get on the internet and stream videos, Sky Q, Netflix etc...

Thanks for reading....


Distinguished Member
Nothing can "extend" or "boost" radio signals - it's physically impossible.

The type of devices you describe are what we call "repeaters" (though the marketing people seem to come up with many other names for them.) Such repeaters work by listening to the Wi-Fi airwaves, copying any Wi-Fi transmissions they hear, waiting for the airwaves to go quiet, then broadcast an almost verbatim copy of the original message. This has two important consequences:

Firstly, because Wi-Fi is an "only one thing at a time can transmit" technology, the original transmission and the repeats cannot be transmitted at the same time, which clobbers the throughput (speed) as it takes twice as long (or worse) for each message to be sent.

Secondly, the repeater has to be "in range" of a good signal from both the "base" router/AP and the coverage hole to work well. It needs to be this A----R----B not this A-------R-B.

A better solution for Wi-Fi coverage is to create a "cellular" coverage pattern of multiple hotspots - on big site we put up hundreds. The "trick" is how to establish the "backhaul" link between the outpost hotspot(s) and the rest of the network. "Proper" cabled ethernet is the best, tunnelled over the domestic mains using HomePlugs is probably next best (See HomePlug FAQ in this forum,) backhaul over Wi-Fi (which is what repeater effectively are) is do-able, but it's least satisfactory, especially if "speed" is a concern.

BTW - don't Sky's Q boxes have a Wi-Fi repeater built in...?
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Thanks for this Mickevh. Very informative. I shall have a look over at the Homeplug FAQ.

Yes you are right about the Sky Q boxes. Where I need it to go we don't have a Sky Q box and TV setup.
I can, on a temporary measure, bring the one from up stairs down and plug it in but not an ideal permanent solution.

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