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I need some help.

I want to be able to distribute all of my video sources to all rooms in my house. And be able to control them from any room.
I have 2 sky boxes (1 sky multiroom and 1 sky+)
I also have a telewest box for "other" channels I need.
I am happy to locate all video source in a single room, and also happy to wire coax all round the house.

What I need to know, is what my options are.
I currently have digisenders and wifi, but its pretty rubbish.

If I coax everything, can I also get internet distributed throughout the house?

I would say money is no object, but I am aware houw expensive this lot can get.
I have 2 budgets.
Under £1000
or £1000 to £2000

Depending on what I can get for these, I could be persuaded to go eithe way.


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have a look at

this looks like the cheapest way to distribute an RF signal to several TV's with IR passthrough to non SKY (and SKY) units

TV-Link IR receivers £12.75 each ex VAT
TV-Link 4 way amplifier £17.01 each ex VAT
TV-Link Plus IR emmitter system (2 repeaters) £29.77 each ex VAT

Run coax cables to each location you have a TV.
There are numerous wiring examples on the website.

You will need to run CAT5 cables for your computer network.

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