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Home theatre speakers versus selecting own speakers

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by GlenW, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. GlenW


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    Am researching putting together a home theatre system which will be used quite a bit for listening to music and having most difficulty with the speaker selection. And I am in a location where I can not go to a few stores and listen to various selections so will end up buyng over the net un tested.

    I am pretty convinced about a Yamaha RXV740 amplifier.

    Am looking at speakers and have seen good comments on Canton CD-1, Kef Eggs and the Infinity Oreus. But, I amnot convinced about the look of these speakers and am keen to go for a more conventional looking speaker and was looking at the Infinity Alpha 5 HCS II. Any comments on these. See below but I was thinking this would give me a good entry level into home theater and then in the future update the front speakers with some larger Alpha speakers.

    Or my other thought was to get 2 large normal speakers to use at the front and 2 smaller speakers to use at the rear and a centre speaker and go without a sub for the moment, basically to keep to a budget of about 600 euros.

    Any comments

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