Home theatre dillema. 5.1.2? 5.2.4? What amp?


I want to build a home theatre system in my new place. It will be my first installation. I have some experience in technology, and I know what my needs are. However, I am not experienced in the audio world, and therefore I need your opinion and help.

1. The place dedicated for the home theatre can be described in a rectangle. This space's cons are: a window on the right, a passage on the left, and an open space above towards the dining area. I am aware of how important acoustics is. I want to hire a company for this purpose that will deal with the soundproof of this area. If you have any suggestions for this part, I am open to any suggestions.

2. After many hours spent on the Internet, I decided to buy a Bowers & Wilkins speakers set. Here's the list:

Front: 2x 703 S2
Middle: 1x HTM71 S2
Rear: 2x 706 S2
Subwoofer: 1x DB4S
Ceiling: 2x CCM664

2.1. Do you think it's a good setup? I think it's worth the price.
2.2. Is it worth buying a second subwoofer?
2.3. Is it worth buying 4 ceiling speakers? Will I feel the difference in such a small space?

3. I have no idea which receiver to choose for this audio set. My requirement must be 4k / 120Hz passthrough support. Below is a list of amps which I researched:

Yamaha CX-A5200
Denon AVC-X6700H
Marantz SR7015

The budget I have is 10k GBP and I don't want to exceed it.



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If you've been keeping an eye on this thread, you'll see the 4K 120Hz you'll read that a bug has been found which is causing a few issue with certain products which seems to be down to a chipset designed which all AV Receivers look to be using. With luck a firmware fix should resolve this, but as to when this will happen is anyone's guess

Looking at the image you have supplied, I'd say the Atmos speakers need to be moved further to the rear of the room. A .4 solution in that room will not work effectively due to the seating plan. The side settee isn't the main one which will be used when watching movies is it? If it is, this will cause you a few headaches as the speaker placements really and the fix isn't easy either as it will upset the space you are trying to create at the front end.

Take a look at Dolby's own suggestions for a 5.1.2 system and follow that lead if possible for the placement of the Atmos Speakers, you will also see they suggest a larger toe-in of the rear speakers to.

Having never heard the speakers in the configuration you are going to place them, I'm not the best person to comment on their ability, but I cannot see them delivering a poor sound with any of the amps you have chosen. I hope that helps :)

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I think a minimum of two subs ideally if you want some consistency across the seating area


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I absolutely would go for 5.1.4. Its better to have 4 not perfectly placed height speakers than 2 perfectly placed, although I would still install them as close to the Atmos recommendation as possible, no matter where your MLP is. The 4 heights will link your front and rears more effectively. Atmos is not about a dog barking in the surrounds anymore, I prefer the "immersive" aspect, which with some movies can be mind blowing. (my advise is through experience by the way). One DB4S should be plenty, unless you want to have a subsidence claim on your property !!
Your list of "goodies" looks fantastic !! Good Luck.

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