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I am looking to update my home cinema setup.

Due to limitations on space I need to be able to have small wall mounted rear speakers that can swivel.

I recently went to a store and they have advised me to get.

Dali Zensor 1 X 2 (front left and right)
Dali Zensor Vokal (centre)
Q Acoustics 7000lri X 2 (rear left and right)
Dali subwoofer

Has anybody got any thoughts on mixing speakers or if I should just get the Q Acoustics 5.1 kit?

Any other speaker recommendation are welcome so long as the speakers are small and can swivel on the wall mount.

Joe Fernand

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Update - what are you updating from?

Room/Room Layout - better to work with rather than fight against the Room.

‘Rear speakers’ - in a 5.1 system you have Side-Surround rather than Rear Speakers, would that be possible/make positioning simpler.

5.1 Speaker Setup Guide

In-wall - any possibility to install In-wall Surrounds.


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