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Hi, currently I have a 60" 1080p tv and a soundbar and am looking to upgrade to 5.1.4. This will be my first time purchasing an a/v receiver and speakers so I'm looking for recommendations on where to place everything for the best acoustics. My room layout is:
Where my television now is a bit too small to accommodate the speakers so I'm looking to move it to location 1. However, I'm wondering if location 2 would be better acoustically. The negative to that location is that it would be facing a west facing-window and I'm eventually upgrading to 4k oled and am worried about the glare. I don't have blackout curtains and the blinds I have don't completely block out the light.

Another concern I have is whether or not atmos is feasible. I'm setting this up in a downstairs family room and the ceiling height is only 6'9" which is slightly below the minimum recommendation for up-firing speakers. I wouldn't be able to do ceiling mounts.

Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: With the room size would bookshelf speakers be sufficient or would I need towers for the front?
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Standmount or satellite speakers will be fine in that sized room as long as you have a decent sub to underpin (you would want a decent sub anyway even with floorstanders).
I think location 2 gives you the best option for getting the speakers in the correct places for a 5.1.4 system. The ceiling height should be fine for upfiring speakers too since most houses have a similar ceiling height and use upfiring speakers without any issues.


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How about secret option number 3, the opposite end to position 2.

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Position 2 - though most folk would want to maintain your viewing distance (image size) or increase the Size of the TV if you sit further back from the current TV :)

If you have the option to experiment betfire you finalise your plans that is always helpful.

Windows - add a set of blackout blinds if required.



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Thanks for the replies. Before buying anything I'll experiment with what I have now and try location 2 first. I'm just at the beginning of planning the room so I wanted to go with placement first. As for the television I'm leaning toward a 65" LG oled. I'll probably end up sitting within 8 feet of it. As for the AV receiver/speakers I'll post on the other forums for recommendations. I plan to acquire everything gradually as they go on sale so I'm looking to get everything ready by black Friday.

Any advice on lighting location 2? I've seen led strips for bias lighting but I was thinking either a clamp light or floor light behind the tv. The television won't be wall mounted so I have room to work with behind it.

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