Home Theater NOOBIE Question.



I have been researching for a few weeks and I believe I have narrowed down my choice to a LCD vice the DLP due to the rainbow/headache issue.

I am leaning heavily towards the Panasonic AE900U with a Dalite 58"X104" High Contrast Cinema Vision with a 1.1 gain. One calculator said I may need to lower brightness....should I get a .8 gain screen instead or is the 1.1 fine.

What is the preferred distance to mount the projector from the screen for optimum picture quality?

FWIW, the room is a 100% light controlled dedicated home theater room, measures 15' X 20' with a 6'5" ceiling. Seating is tiered and setback at ~12' and 16'.

Any ideas/tips/help is appreciated.

Picture of room
Although I can't help on the technical side, I just want to say welcome to the forums, and great room :thumbsup:
hmmm, you may have control of lights, but not control of light...those walls are a very light colour, so you will get reflected light from them....

if your local shop allows you, borrow some swatches of screen material (usually they give u 1m sq swatches) and see what looks like it will be a better picture........

i have similar colour walls, my screen i think is 1.2......altho i could be wrong on that....however it looks very nice....

but if u can get away with it go for a grey screen, u will get better black definition...
Thanks guys. I went ahead and made the purchase.....It seems like a good fit for my room.

As for the room.....my wife and I hate it "as is", we are currently shopping for theater seating and new carpeting. Hope to have it finished in a month or so.....I'll post some completed pics.

FWIW, I paid $2249 USD delivered for the AE900U and the Dalite 58X104 HC Cinema Vision with Pro Trim screen for $1225 USD to my doorstep.
If the wife doesn't mind, I would suggest dark coloured walls and ceiling to reduce any light reflecting back onto the screen. This can reduce shadow detail when you are projecting scenes with both bright and dark elements.

I did a quick rendition of the room to try to get the fit of everything. Does this look like the screen may be to big for my space....is it set too low to the floor (18-24")??? Opinions appreciated.

Ideally, eye level (in the viewing position) should be 1/3rd up from the bottom of the screen.

Nice looking room :thumbsup: .

I like you room as it is but I agree with some of the other dudes that you should change the room colour to something a tad darker...black black black ( no mommy dont lock me in the cellar.......
If I were you I'd use a white screen - the Incredibles background may become a little distracting...PJ :D
Lovely set up, are you sure you are a newbie!?!?
PJTX100 said:
If I were you I'd use a white screen - the Incredibles background may become a little distracting...PJ :D

hahaha...love it

personally, for a cinematic effect, i'd rather my screens bottom edge be at the lowest at eye level.....rare is the cinema where your eyes are a third up from the screen.....most are definitely above.....the good ones anyhow...u wanna lean back and relax watching a movie ;-)
If you can lean back then it's not too much of a problem, but if you have to look up using your head or eyes it can cause some neck or eye strain after a while. Leaning back puts the eyes at the correct angle though.

I agree with the color of the walls but the wife seems to think differently. I picked out a nice Ralph Lauren Zinc Suede paint and she nixxed the idea :(. The walls are actually darker than they appear, they are a moderate gray color. I'll see how the screen looks and then maybe she will see the "way".

Here is the Zinc paint I wanted.

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